Social Services

Hospice services are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and
most private insurance companies.

Social Services

Social Workers provide emotional support and counseling

Our Social Workers provide emotional support and counseling to our patients and their families.  They help with processing emotions that come with the end of life; including fear, anxiety, grief, and loss.

Our Social Workers also assist patients and their loved ones with creating meaningful end-of-life plans that honor their values, beliefs, and wishes while helping them to make informed decisions about treatment and care. 

Their primary goal is to support and empower patients and their loved ones when challenged with emotional decisions.  The assistance offered can help their choices be navigated more easily during this difficult time.  Close collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) ensures that all patients receive the very best possible care.
Contact our office to inquire how to request Hospice care. Brighton Bridge Hospice would be HONORED to provide comfort for you or your loved one.


Criteria for hospice services must be met to keep hospice true to its purpose and goal. To be eligible, the patient must have
  • A terminal disease process with a prognosis of 6 months or less, if the illness runs its normal course.
  • No plans for further aggressive or curative treatment.
  • The patient, our Medical Director, and attending physician must approve the referral to hospice before services can begin.



A typical hospice journey begins with a prospective patient and often times, a family in need of support and guidance.

One of the most common sentiments from families who have been helped by hospice care is that they wish they would have known about hospice care sooner.

A patient or family member can contact Brighton Bridge Hospice for information. Early contact helps patients and families make informed decisions regarding their care options. Understanding the role of hospice and obtaining information about Brighton Bridge Hospice may be very helpful in the decision making process.

If the decision is made to journey with us, a team member with Brighton Bridge Hospice will contact the patient’s primary physician to determine the medical appropriateness for hospice services.

Often times, we are contacted by a hospital discharge planner or physician after they have discussed the need for hospice care with the patient and family. If a decision is made to journey with us someone with Brighton Bridge Hospice will contact you to discuss hospice care.

At Brighton Bridge Hospice, we are aware that not every patient is the same nor is every hospice. Every patient and family has different needs, wishes, and expectations in their final journey.  The goal of our staff is to make our patients and their families our priority.  At Brighton Bridge Hospice, we will go above and beyond to ensure comfort while providing both compassion and support. 


We have all felt the loneliness of grief at some time or another. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve after the loss of a loved one, most discover how to eventually move on with that process. Brighton Bridge Hospice is there to help you along this journey.

Brighton Bridge Hospice has a Bereavement Care Counselor and Social Workers available to support our patient as well as their families. In addition to bereavement services, which include personal visits, phone calls, answering questions and providing helpful information concerning the grief process, our staff offers a yearly memorial service. This service is a time for your family and our staff to honor the life of your loved one.