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Hospice is about comfort, compassion, and support for persons and their families when a life-limiting illness no longer responds to cure-oriented treatment. Hospice care focuses on providing comfort, relieving pain, and symptom management. Hospice also deals with the emotional, social, and spiritual impact of the illness and works to promote dignity and quality of life.

The staff of Brighton Bridge Hospice is what makes all the difference and sets us apart from any other Hospice! Our team is an integral part of the community they serve. They live, work, raise their families, and attend church alongside your families, friends, and neighbors. In addition, an early morning conference call which includes all members of our team, ensures the entire team knows of any changes or updates regarding the status of each and every patient. It also gives us an opportunity to pray for our patients, their families, and our staff.

And now these three remain: Faith, Hope, and Love. But the greatest of these is Love.
1 Corinthians 13:13

Hospice care does not have the ability to shorten or prolong life but it does give a person the power to live life as they choose. At Brighton Bridge Hospice, we believe in the concept of Hospice and are committed to assisting our patients and their families in making the end of life the best that it can be. 


Hospice is specialized care for patients with a terminal illness and an estimated life expectancy of six months or less. The goal of Hospice is comfort, compassion, and support for patients and their families when they no longer respond or want cure-oriented treatment. One key difference is that Hospice care is provided by an interdisciplinary team that is professionally trained in end-of-life care. Another difference is that Hospice pays for medical equipment, medical supplies, comfort medicines, and medicines to assist with symptom management. 

Home Health is care provided for patients who are homebound, recovering, or recuperating from surgery or require I.V. drug therapy for an infection from which they are expected to recover. Home health patients receive visits from a nurse, nurse aide, and possibly a therapist.

Who is Eligible for
Hospice Care?

Hospice is available to individuals who have been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness and a life expectancy of six months or less, if the disease follows its normal course. This applies to most illnesses, not just cancer.

Hospice can be obtained when curative treatment is no longer effective or desired and comfort care and symptom management becomes the primary focus.

Where is Hospice care

Hospice care is a philosophy and approach rather than a place. Care may be provided in a person’s home, an assisted living facility, a long-term care nursing facility, or a hospital. It depends on the family and the personal wishes of the patient who is taking the journey.
Who can refer to

Referrals to Hospice are made by the patient, the patient’s primary care physician, an attending physician, a family member, or a nursing facility. You may contact Brighton Bridge Hospice for more information or to schedule an informational visit.
Where is Hospice
care provided?

Hospice care is a philosophy and approach rather than a place. Care may be provided in a person’s home, an assisted living facility, a skilled nursing facility, or a hospital. It depends on the family and the personal wishes of the patient who is taking the journey.



The choice is yours! We know that most hospices should provide similar services, but at Brighton Bridge we believe that it is the manner in which we provide service that sets us apart from other providers. We will go above and beyond to meet the needs, wishes, and expectations of the patient and their family.

Let us help you. Early contact is often helpful to obtain accurate information about Brighton Bridge Hospice and to help you understand the role of Hospice. Being informed and understanding the role of Hospice can help the patient and the family in the decision making process at this transitional and often difficult time.

If you feel it may be time for Hospice care for yourself or a family member, please take a moment and review our material.  We feel it is important to find a Hospice provider that meets all your needs.

A Caring Hospice
Brighton Bridge Hospice enables patients to live as full a life as possible within the limitations of their illness and have a peaceful and dignified death at the end of life.
A Loving Team
We affirm life through a concept for caring and living. Our Hospice exists to provide skilled care and support for patients and their families, from a diagnosis of an incurable illness through the final phase.


We’ve built our reputation by providing the very best care available to our patients and their families.
Our approach is what sets us apart from the rest.
  • RN on call 24/7 for nursing care and symptom management
  • We’ve divided our service area with an on-call person in each area – this allows us to provide a quick response time after hours
  • Local nurses who live, work, raise their families and attend church in your area
  • Nurses visit as often as needed to manage patient care. Increased visits are expected when symptom/pain relief is needed
  • Our nursing staff is experienced in pediatric care
  • CNA’s visit up to 5 times a week
  • Locally owned and Christian operated
  • Daily Interdisciplinary Conference Call – This includes our entire team! This allows each member of our team to be up-to-date on the care of your loved one
  • We BELIEVE in the power of prayer. Our daily conference call concludes with a prayer for our team, our patients, and their families. 



Hospice is a service that comes to your home and provides physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort in the manner you choose when you have a life-limiting illness.

Hospice care is appropriate when treatments are no longer effective or desired. An early referral to hospice enables patients and families to fully benefit from Brighton Bridge's support and service.

Hospice encourages the patient's physician to continue to follow the patient and fully participate in their care.

Hospice care is for patients and their loved ones during a life-limiting illness.

Care is provided wherever the patient lives. Hospice encourages and assists patients to be as active as possible.

Many different medications are used to obtain a patient's comfort.

Patients may choose to leave the program and seek more aggressive treatment.

Hospice is very different. Services are provided at no cost to the patient.



Hospice is a place you go when you have a life-limiting illness.

Hospice is only for the last few days or weeks of life.

Accepting Hospice care means the patient can no longer see their own physician.

Hospice cares for only patients diagnosed with cancer.

Hospice patients must be homebound.

Once a patient is admitted into a Hospice program, they cannot choose to leave.

Hospice care is no different than home health.

Hospice services stop after the patient passes.

Hospice discontinues most or all of the medications without addressing the patient’s level of pain.


At Brighton Bridge Hospice we are here to help our patients and their loved ones. Below are some
of the most Frequently Asked Questions of patients and their loved ones about Hospice.
What is Hospice?
Who provides these services?
Where is Hospice provided?
What individual rights do I have?
Who will provide Hospice care?
What equipment and supplies does Hospice provide?
What are Brighton Bridge's hours of operation?